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Wolcott Latchkey Program


The Wolcott Latchkey Program is a before and after school Day Care.  It is for the Wolcott Public School Families only.  It is operational only in the Elementary Schools, Frisbie, Wakelee and Alcott.  We are overseen by the Wolcott Board of Education and the Superintendent of the Wolcott Public Schools.  The Latchkey Program is located in the Cafeteria's of each school from 7-9am and 3:15 - 6:00pm.  Thank you to all the families that have signed up for the school year.  We are full at all three elementary school Latchkey Programs.  However, if you have a question please feel free to contact us at the information listed below.

(Please note: Principals at all three elementary school do not run the Latchkey Program.  You must contact the Wolcott Latchkey Director or Supervisor for the program, thank you.


Wolcott Latchkey Director:

Tracey Fitzmorris

e-mail:   (quickest way to reach me by e-mail)

phone:  203-879-8025 (Frisbie during operational hours)

               203-879-8026(Wakelee during operational hours)

              203-879-8417(Alcott during operational hours)

Frisbie Latchkey Supervisor:

Lisa Calabretta


Phone:  203-879-8025 (during operational hours)

Frisbie Latchkey Instructors:

Jordan Nadeau

Shelbi Nadeau

Jocelyn Fortier

Taylor Tardiff

Lee Ann Carpentier

Justin Hitchcock

Joe Golden