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Wolcott Public Schools

Frisbie Elementary School

24 Todd Road

Wolcott, CT 06716



Mrs. Kimberly Murtaugh 


Mrs. Shannon Gomez

Head Teacher


August 2018

Greetings Frisbie Faculty and Staff,

The beginning of a new school year is almost here.  I hope you are enjoying a wonderful summer filled with adventures and good health.  I also hope you are relaxed, recharged, and ready to start a new school year.


Each year brings change.  This includes a few additions to our staff. We welcome Terry Lindsay to our staff as the head custodian along with Tony Goldberg as our new night custodian as Henry left to join the Wakelee team.  Cheryl Heyl will join us at Frisbie on Tuesdays as our art teacher while Ellisa Cibelli will greet you at the main entrance as our security aide. Students will see Cathy Daigle in the cafeteria as well as Sarah Jaeger who will work with our first grade students as a paraprofessional.  We are excited to have them as part of our Frisbie team.


We are in the process of finalizing our preparations for the upcoming school year.  One school initiative this year will be monthly team building activities to continue to build our school climate.  On August 24th , I will share some information that I gathered at a Restorative Practice workshop this summer. This includes an overview of Class Dojo and circle time.  The afternoon session will include examining data, setting goals, and defining the actions teachers will make to meet the needs of the students. This process will continue play an important role in advancing student achievement.


I-Ready benchmark assessment system will continue to be used to monitor student growth in  both literacy and numeracy. There have been some changes made to the testing window which I will share with you on August 23rd.  The state did not release SBAC scores yet but I am so excited to share the results with you as we rocked it!!! We will analyze last year's iReady and SBAC scores to develop our student learning objectives for this school year.


As outlined in the 2018-2019 Wolcott Public Schools Professional Learning Plan, the district is continuing to offer teachers training and support as we integrate new teaching practices into our daily instruction.  The elementary area of focus for professional development will be Literacy How for Grades K through 3. We will continue to implement learning walks as this practice is an effective way to share strategies, ideas, and tools to improve student learning.  During our Frisbie School Data Team, we will examine student achievement data and utilize the Wolcott Public School District Growth Plan to create school-specific targets for the 2018-2019 school year. The creation of these school-wide goals and adult actions will drive student achievement and an enhanced experience for Frisbie students.


We will continue to meet after school on most Wednesdays for faculty meetings, building based grade level PLCs, vertical PLCs, and cross building grade level collaboration.  Please see the dates listed in the Wolcott Professional Learning Plan.


Communication is a key to success.  I will continue using the Outlook calendar to update you on events that are happening at Frisbie.  Please accept these invitations so that the events can be put into your calendar. I will also be utilizing Google to share documents with you.  


As a reminder, the building will be open to teachers from 7 am to 2:45 pm beginning August 16th. If you need assistance in moving any furniture, please don't hesitate to contact our staff.  Also, each teacher has $50 to spend on classroom supplies at Lakeshore. You may also order from other vendors by filling out a requisition form. Please try to use this money before November 1st.  New photos for your identification badges will be available on the 23rd. Please let me know if you are interested in this opportunity as they would like to get an idea of how many people to expect.  Also, lunch will be provided so bring your appetites.


I hope you enjoy the remaining days of the summer.  I look forward to a year filled with learning, collaboration, and outstanding professional practice as we build upon our prior successes.


In partnership,


Kimberly Murtaugh