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Frisbie BOE Minutes - September 10, 2018


I am delighted to report that we had a very smooth opening last Monday!  The start of a new school year is a time filled with lots of energy and excitement.  Classrooms are filled with engaged students who are enthusiastic about learning. I am confident that this will be another great year at Frisbie School. The school staff is dedicated to working with each child to provide the help, encouragement, and enrichment each child needs to feel successful and happy at school.  Thank you to the PTO for the colorful balloon arch which was a wonderful backdrop for many first day of school pictures.

In July, the elementary principals attended a restorative practice conference aimed to develop community and to manage conflict and tensions.  During this two day workshop we learned strategies on how to build relationships and school community. Circle time was an activity that Jo Ann Freiberg emphasized that can be used to make connections with one another, review course content, or establish goals.  This activity was showcased in the professional development training to teachers and was very well received as a routine that many teachers would like to implement into their daily schedule. Many teachers have began using this strategy to foster participation in the classroom.

Friday was our first day of our team building activities, a Frisbie initiative this year.  We are committed to offering a safe and nurturing environment that supports both academic and social-emotional learning. Our first step in improving our school climate is through team building activities with staff and students. These activities will take place throughout the school year to develop and foster skills in communication, problem solving, and socialization. Every classroom participated in an activity with their classmates whether it was in Kindergarten stacking cups to build the tallest tower or passing a physio ball to each other while only using their feet.  Students raved about these activities and how much they enjoyed working together with their peers.

Students began the IReady testing.  Students felt more comfortable taking the test this year.  Students diligently used their scrap paper to work out the more complicated problems.  The teachers will be analyzing this data in instructional data teams this week to determine the students who need Tiered supports.  The Frisbie staff is very proud of the effort they are placing into this assessment. That is the news from Frisbie Elementary.