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Frisbie BOE Minutes - May 7, 2018


To help celebrate Earth Day, April 21st, students participated in various curricular activities.  In gym, students rode scooters around the gymnasium while sorting various items that could be recycled.  While in art, students experimented with using nature items as art tools and make creations out of recycled materials.  Fourth grade students created a plan on how they could make their community greener. Our Frisbie community came together to watch The Lorax, which contains the message that we should all respect nature.

On May 2nd, ACES day was a great success.  Students walked around the back field for over half an hour tracking their laps.  Staff were stationed around the field to stamp their sheet after every completed lap. Despite the warmer weather, many students completed over one mile. Thank you for to the PTO for coordinating this event and the walk-a-thon spirit sticks.  

Math is booming at Frisbie.  Our kindergarten students are currently working on the concept of measurement. During walkthroughs, I observed students working with their partners to trace their foot.  Then students used paper clips as their measurement tool. While measuring, students used the math practice standards to attend to precision by noting that it was in between four and five clips.  One students commented that they thought it would be a good idea to write four and a half. It was great to see this higher order thinking first hand. They will continue to work on choosing the appropriate tool of measurement to deepen their understanding of the concept.

Second graders are working on telling time on both analog and digital clocks.  In one classroom, students were playing the go fish game with clocks. Their group members would check over the cards to assure it was a correct match and even use a student clock as a visual aid.  Students are also working on drawing an analog clock and strategically placing out the numbers. After placing the minute and hour hand on the clock, students can orally describe to their partner why the minute hand is halfway in between two numbers on the clock face.  

Fourth grade students are finishing up their geometry unit on angles. The unit began by learning about the different type of angles and creating their own geometry flip chart resource.  Then students progressed to strategically measuring the angles inside the triangles with a protractor and classify the triangles. 

Our third, fourth, and fifth grade students begun SBAC testing.  Students have been working hard completing the language arts section of the test that contains both multiple choice and open ended responses.  Students have been taking their time and reviewing their answers before submitting the test. Keep up the good work Frisbie students.